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Now, when I think punk, I always think Israel. I mean, really, they go hand in hand. Am I right? Ok, well, maybe not. Yet, here we are, discussing Monotonix, a band that hails from Tel Aviv and pretty much takes a page out of the great novel of post-punk garage rock. The guitars crunch, the vocals are snarled and the drums don't let you leave without paying up. They actually fall closer to the Comets on Fire tree than the NOFX tree in the forest of rock and roll with the almost progressive-rock sound they create, which is especially evidence on "No Metal" and "Summers and Autumns," and you can see what venerable Drag City Records saw in this import in the first place. Monotonix might still be a little rough on the edges, but I'm sure time will polish the band into the gem that you can hear in the core of their debut Body Language.