Three Imaginary Girls

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Brazil is blowing up with electro talent. Sao Paulo lends us it's brightest new duo, DJ/producer/drummer Erico Theobaldo (aka DJ Periferico) and vocalist Mylene Pires, as Telepathique. They are touring the US for the first time in support of their new album Last Night On Earth.

Their sound varies a bit on this record, from post-punk guitar slashes to glitchy pop ("Telefunk" straight conjures Ellen Allien) to slinky synth grooves, but two tracks in particular struck my fancy. The leading track, "Deja Vu" enters with low-slung guitars and a strong husky female lead. Telepathique's rugged acid-jungle style goes hand in hand with Mylene's sexy upper-hand vocals.

The second track, "Eu Gosto" is similar but takes their electro-rock to a more danceable level. Melding drum 'n bass, bossanova, noise and jungle with a more straightforward convential approach is a very popular technique right now (think the Knife, LCD Soundsystem etcetera). It busts through genre walls and gives niche listeners a broader musical base of interest and succeeds in exposing more music to more people, while encouraging more creativity amongst the artists.