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Did anyone else catch Britney Spears' sub-par opening "performance" on last night's MTV VMA's? What a pile. I really wanted to see the poor girl pull off something awesome, but this was the most lackluster performance I have seen in a long time.

There was barely any movement or choreography, she was clearly lip-synching, and the song was simply boring. Her rumored beau, "illusionist" Criss Angel, was also supposedly a "collaborator" on the performance, though I couldn't see anything he'd have been involved in, making me think "collaboration" is indeed just what the kids are calling the hanky-panky these days. And sorry to be catty, but she didn't look all that good either. Who put her in that bikini?

Poor dear.

I can't find it yet on YouTube (maybe her "people" are monitoring and pulling any postings), but I'll keep looking.