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My feature over on the KEXP Blog for Audioasis this week is an enormous interview feature from eight local bands: Mono in VCF, Seaweed, Das Llamas, Shake Some Action, Fleet Foxes, Sneaky Thieves, Natalie Portman's Shaved Head, and Saturna.They were all great sports for my questions, and you can read their quite hilarious answers over at the KEXP blog page. Key highlight is Kerry of Das Llama's answer to his ultimate MainStage line-up.

However, why not hear what us non-bands have to say? If you'd like to share, here are the questions I asked the bands:

1] Which band or feature are you excited to catch at Bumbershoot?

2] What is your favorite memory of Bumbershoots past?

3] Bumbershoot marks the end of summer–What is something you're disappointed about not having a chance to do this past summer?

4] Fergie, Sean Paul, or Panic! at the Disco?

5] If you were in charge of the MainStage, who would you pick, dead or alive, to headline?

C'mon, my interest in piqued! Why not get into the spirit of Bumbershoot by indulging me with your answers… 😀