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Bumbershoot Music Picks: Heart

Now that I've covered everything else I'm looking forward to this weekend at Bumbershoot, it's time to get into the music. Please note: I say "Dream" list, because it's entirely possible I might not make it to see every single one depending on how much of an old lady I feel like I am after trekking around all day. (HAHA) Anyway! Music. Music is good. Here's what I'm planning to hit on Saturday (8/31)

MainStage (Key Arena) 

Heart!!! OMG Heart!!! Because Dreamboat Annie, Little Queen and Dog & Butterfly were frequently spun on the Simon family turntable, I have a deep and abiding love for Nancy's guitar skillz and Ann's gorgeous vox. In fact, my first real concert was seeing Heart at The Coliseum (now the Key) with my dad during their "Passionworks" tour. Oh man, was I stoked to see the band the he loved — even though we totally had the most nose-bleedy of all the nosebleed seats. 

This time I'll be front and center at the Key, rockin' to these amazing ladies. Bring on the "Barracuda!" And the "Magic Man!" And the "Heartless!" And maybe "Even It Up!" And for the love of god, please bring on the "CRAZY ON YOU!!!"  (I'll even settle for some "These Dreams," you guys. Because I once loved that album whole-heartedly and sang my little 14-year-old heart out to it!). YES YES YES AND YES. 

Thao & the Get Down Stay Down
Fountain Lawn Stage 

I confess, I don't know much about this lady but I like the stuff I've heard so much that I'm gonna head over to the fountain lawn beer garden and sip some $8 suds out of a plastic cup while I get down (but hopefully don't … stay … down). Also: shit. There are three albums? I clearly need to pay more attention to new music. 

The Physics
Fountain Lawn Stage

It might surprise, well, nearly EVERYONE, that I'm planning to see some hip-hop, but that's precisely why I feel like I gotta give these guys a listen. Besides, outdoors on a sunny day in the wide, green expanse sipping a cold brew (because I'm probably just going to stay camped out right there in beer land after Thao) seems like an ideal way to take in some deep beats. 

Fisher Green

Once The Physics get done doing their thing, I'll likely head over to see !!! — unless I decide to brave the Patton Oswalt lines. Because, reasons. (Those reasons involve booty shakin' and lots of sweet, sweet, grooves.) 

Gary Numan
TuneIn Stage (Fisher Green)

Y'all, I'm gonna have to pass up the Charles Bradley experience this year to see Gary Numan, simply for nostalgia overload. I've never seen this dude kick it live, and hear his stage presence is not to be missed. Will he play his 1979 new wave hit "Cars"? Who knows. Who cares. I'm willing to risk it!

{Sunday and Monday lists coming up next! I'll also be doing that newfangled "Live Tweeting" thing all 3 days, provided my cell service is awesome! Follow me: @posiegirl — and/or the @3imaginarygirls account for exciting updates about heat stroke, deep-fried pudding woes, blistery feet, and lost hoodies.}