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MGMT Bumbershoot 2013 Seattle

Ah, geez. The LAST DAY of Bumbershoot! It's always a mix of relief and woe, as everyone realizes they have to go back to work the next day, starting out with all the best intentions to go home early and tuck themselves into bed, but then saying "Fuck it!" and staying up all night partying insteaed. And … with rain on the horizon there'll probably be a lot of bitching about that as well. 

And so! Monday's (9/2) musical agenda includes the following for moi: 

MainStage (Key Arena)

I initially couldn't decide whether to put Superchunk or MGMT up top as my favorite thing for Monday, but ultimately I went with these guys, because I've never seen them live and I really really really really like them. Plus, they just seem like they'd be a LOT of fun on stage! 

Fountain Lawn Stage 

Bellamaine is another band I know next-to-nothing about, but I took a listen to their stuff while perusing through the B-shoot schedule and OMFG I'm in love. Dreamy pop rock with great vocals and bouncy progressions? Okay, Bellamaine; I'm yours. Let's be best friends forever! I'll buy you soda, but promise not to molest you in the parking lot.  

Fountain Lawn Stage

Oh, Superchunk! Man, I love how this Bumbershoot is steeped in 90's nostaglia. No matter what songs they play, I'm gonna be dancing to it — although I fully expect a mosh pit to start, so I may be back from the stage a bit in order to pretoect my delicate bod from bruising. "Punch Me Harder?" Um. Can we not do that LITERALLY, please? 

Fountain Lawn Stage 

Deerhunter is weird and crazy and ridiculous and kind of all over the place, which I why I like them. Another band I've never seen live! And their mix of trippy haze and more rockin' garage band tunes (sometimes I'm not ever sure I'm listening to the same band) seems like the perfect way to end my Bumbershoot weekend. At least, I'm hoping it is … 

{Day three's live tweets will probably detail all the ways in which I am tired and cranky, but still unwilling to go home early because I AM NOT GIVING UP DAMMIT. Follow me: @posiegirl — and/or the @3imaginarygirls for a lot of TMI}