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WHO IS EXCITED FOR BUMBERSHOOT THIS YEAR? Why, I yam. Glad you asked! As always, I'd like to remind our Imaginary Bumbershoot attendees that the festival has a ton of stuff going on in addition the music! Like film! And comedy! And my FAVORITE: The Words & Ideas programming. All these things take place at the Leo K. Theatre, which is in the Seattle Rep. 

Here's what's on my dream to-see list this year:

Saturday, 8/31

The Better Bombshell

Who would like to listen to a couple of ladies talk about ladies? I DO I DO. Charlotte Austin and Siolo Thompson put together an anthology about redefining the female role model. Yes, please. 

Why Froyo? Why YOLO? Why now?

I can't even. I'm going for the name alone, people. Also this: "Why is froyo so popular? Why are denizen, frozen-yogurt establishments eclipsed? Why is YOLO a reason to leave a comfort zone? Why not write "You Only Live Once" in cursive?"

Fantagraphics Follies

Seattle cartoonists performing in a late night talk show format, including a shadow puppet show, a pop combo with a giant pen, a memoir reading, and a buncha other cool stuff. LOVE IT.

Sunday, 9/1

15 Years of Barsuk Records

Barsuk!!!! The 15th Anniversary!!! Listen to Sean Nelson and John Roderick and David Bazan talk about them! With label co-founder Josh Rosenfeld! And probably some other people! YAY!

Seattle Arts & Lectures Presents Allie Brosh of "Hyperbole and a Half"

Allie Brosh is one of my heroes. She's hilarious and awesome and draws amazing cartoons about depression and life and all the things. Plus, she totally did a web comic about my dog. (Okay, it was about her dog, but it might as well be about mine.) Anyway! She's speaking at Bumbershoot with cartoonist Ellen Forney and it's gonna be rad.

Writing Staff of NBC's Parks & Recreation Featuring Alan Yang, Aisha Muharrar, David King, Joe Mande, Megan Amram, and Matt Murray

YES YES YES YES AND YES. Writers from one of my favorite shows? More importantly: FEMALE writers from one of my favorite shows! Moderated by Paul Constant! I am so there. Anyone wanna place bets on whether or not Patton Oswalt crashes the party and starts another epic JJ Abrams/Star Wars rant?

Monday, 9/2

Put It All On the Table: Inappropriate Lectures by Irreverant Artists and Spoiled Children

Opinionated writers from The Stranger taking about race, sex, politics, and money. Featuring Andrew Russell, Cienna Madris, Valerie Curtis-Newton PLUS A SURPRISE HOST.

Why Board Games, Why Zombies, Why Now?

Relevant to my interests: "What is the appeal of games like Settlers of Catan? Why are board games getting popular in the age of video games? Why have zombies risen over vampires in the interest of the undead? Why do they keep coming back after it seems they've peaked?" (psst: I can totally help with that last question: BECAUSE THEY ARE AWESOME. You're welcome!)