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I can't just listen to any record I want to at work. There are a lot of customers coming in and calling and when they hear Busdriver, Comets on Fire, Autechre or Deerhoof for example, they just don't get it. Sometimes I step out and just put on some motha f-ing Boris or Dan Deacon and scare the living beejesus out of all these hairsprayed Polo-wearing eastsiders.

There are some excellent work albums though: ones that I can enjoy, and ones that don't alienate the 103.7 The Mountain devotees that seem to frequent the Issaquah commercial sign shop I work at. One such album, the one my iPod decided I should write about today, is Boozoo Bajou's Satta.

Remarkably, the Cajun/island sounds of Satta originate from a German duo (!). Satta is the first album for Boozoo Bajou, otherwise known as Peter Heider and Florian Seyberth. "Camioux" breaks off with a relaxed, slightly Alabama Three, intro. The groove is so chill and the tambourine so fitting that you feel as though you're relaxing on the beach, drink in hand, headphones on, floating through life. It's playful and earthy with no real lyrics to speak of, just a summery cry accenting tight drum hits and punctuated by nature noises.

Satta is irresistible. The Latin-soaked flavor and freewheeling tempo just call out for a summer day. Boozoo Bajou is calm enough to sooth my eeking nerves when the phone rings off the hook at work, mellow enough that I don't get strange looks from Issaquah Highland moms in to retrieve yard sale signs and worldly enough to make me think, if just for a second, that I'm somewhere else besides in front of my computer screen deliberating over what font this trade show banner should be in.


Boozoo Bajou