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You won't find these performances promoted on the official Capitol Hill Block Party website, but they're going down all the same. The Cha Cha Lounge (below Bimbo's, yo) has a lineup of local bands you've been meaning to see this year.


Das Llamas @ 9:45
T.V. Coahran @ 8:45
Yes, Oh Yes @ 7:45
TacocaT @ 6:45
Fences @ 5:45


Wild Orchid Children @ 9:45
Triumph of Lethargy @ 8:45
Weirdlords @ 7:45
See Me River @ 6:45
Kaylee Cole @ 5:45

This weekend may be only time you can see both Das Llamas and See Me River on the same bill. Friday is the final performance for Das Llamas: guitar player Aaron Everett is going to law school in Indiana. Das Llamas lead Kerry Zettel is continuing on in his other group, See Me River. Which by the way also includes Kellie Paine from Weirdlords. Starting to look almost incestuous, no?