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So, with this talk of UW joining forces with the Big Bad (a.k.a. RIAA), I was reminded of this article speculating that CD may be fast on their way to becoming obsolete. Apparently CD sales are down ahead of schedule, and predicted to go down another 20% in 2008 (up from a predicted 15% as we've seen sales go down 18% already in 2007).

There is some speculation about why CD sales are going down so steadily including the rise of the iTunes stores (#3 in overall music sales in the US behind Walmart and Best Buy), the overall craptacular quality of music being released, the lack of new "catalog" artists and the tendency of new music listeners to only buy songs by safe artists they saw on MTV (thus less willing to take a chance). Oh yeah, and music piracy (sure, whatever).

So, how do you feel about the demise of the CD? Does it matter or do you like having your musical in digital form?

(Hat tip to Slashdot for the article)