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So, somehow I got suckered into helping someone at work today move a bunch of very heavy, wooden crates out of a Budget Truck into the building. I was wearing Chaco’s, so needless to say, my toes did not appreciate my decision to be a nice guy.

This, of course, got me wondering, why am I always such a sucker? I’m sure other people are much worse than I am. Suckers like the folks who bought the weird pre-CD release download-only version of the Elefant album The Black Magic Show in the stores. It looked like a proper CD in a proper CD case, but it had a big label saying “No, I’m not a CD, I just contain a jewel case, liner notes and a code to download this album”. I didn’t really get the concept, and anyway, after “The Clown,” the Elefant album really wasn’t that good. But hey, marketers will try anything to get us to willingly give up our cash for their tired products.

So, I’m going to start my weekly contest for iPod Roulette today. Email me (erik at the best story you have of being suckered and I’ll choose the winner to get a free copy of Minor Canon’s No Good Deed Goes Unpunished. Look for a compilation of your sucker stories as in the Imagi-Blog. Good luck … suckers.