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Gawker's got a story worthy of The Onion:

A tipster writes to us: "Holy crap… Are you watching CNN *right now*? They replaced the news ticker with content from SMS Text and Twitter, and now CNN is like TRL, in the middle of the day, etc. Rick Sanchez is the Carson Daly of CNN now." And lo and behold, the tipster was not kidding. Alongside footage of a McCain speech were actual childish text message and Twitter (the online refrigerator note) shortbursts like "we're in deep doodoo" sent in to anchor Rick Saanchez (sic) by viewers. Stay tuned for such upcoming salient crawl commentary as "Luvz U Palen, LMAO" and "Wut Up Barack, Hit Me!"

I love Twitter as much as the next person but my favorite update of the past weekend came when the guy opening for Fleet Foxes was called a "d-bag" who "has a Civil War re-enactment somewhere waiting for him" – by a writer at The New Yorker.

Actually, I just looked up Frank Fairfield on MySpace and he does sound like a "d-bag" who belongs in a Civil War re-enactment so maybe this isn't a bad idea after all.