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This is interesting. The most watched video on YouTube right now is a fan-made video of "Music is My Hot, Hot Sex" by Sub Pop's Brazillian dance punks Cansei de Ser Sexy, or CSS. It has gotten almost 90 million plays.

90 million? Really? I love CSS an awful lot but that doesn't seem possible – even with a bunch of people surely looking for "hot hot sex" on YouTube.

Some dude from (whose name I can't find) thought so too after the blogosphere started yelling bullshit and crunched the numbers and found that the video got one rating for every 21,000+ views, whereas most videos average one rating for every 590 views. Plus, it's averaging over 6 million views a week. The "Yes We Can" video Will.I.Am created for Barack Obama (that nearly every one of my friends sent to me – and I caucused for Hillary Clinton) has 5.6 million views total right now.

[h/t to Idolator, per usual]

Here's the CSS video?