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The Dead Science, who has kept the counter-cultural low brow encrypted inside the violent high brow (or vice versa) in Seattle for the past few years, is releasing their new album Villainaire in just a few weeks (September 3, 2008, specifically). It is a Jean Cocteau on Special K kind of sound, an album filled with pop art slaughter inspired by Marvel Comics and Wu-Tang Clan and everything else bedroom thugs and street-level dandies adore.

DS visionary Sam Mickens, whose love for hip-hop (which you can read his extrapolations of over at the Stranger) taps this aggression within the delicacy and intricacy of his fellow players Jherek (ex-Degenerate Art Ensemble, who recorded and mixed the new album) and others (including guests from Shudder to Think and Celebration).

Blending their work in theater, jazz gigs, and the full-on rock experiments they've been known for, Villainaire is leaking out with a new MP3 extolling the joys of a Kirby-inspired world of new gods, "Make Mine Marvel" (listen!).

A review of the soon-to-be-arriving full-length will be posted by yours truly shortly, but in the mean time prepare yourself for this creative new mind bomb. Excelsior!