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Four days of bass-drenched goodness are upon us with today’s opening of the 5th annual Decibel Festival.

Not sure what all the fuss is about? Get out and check it out. It is an ideal weekend to sample the field of techno, bass, dance, electronica, house, trance, etc. The festival schedule is filled with a variety of genres in various locations, with prices ranging from FREE, up to $25 for a major showcase.

To make it easy for you newbies, here’s a few recommendations specifically for you.

Just pick something and go. Your legs and ass will thank you for the workout – – the kind where you don’t realize you’re working out until the next day because you’re having so much fun you aren’t paying attention to how you’re moving or what other people think of it. (Guess what? NO ONE CARES what you look like when you move to the music. That’s the fucking great thing about hanging with this crowd. )


Deconstructing Pop Showcase ($$)
The first night’s lineup offers the best cross-over appeal to pop fans, which means an ideal entry point for the curious newcomers. (Brilliant scheduling, yo.) If you like M.I.A., Bjork, Mum, or Santogold, you won’t be disappointed with what you’ll hear from Jahcoozi or Tujiko Noriko. (Neumos)

dB DJ Lounge (Thursday through Sunday, FREE)
If the showcases are a bit rich for your budget, check out Decibel Festival Grand Central – er, I mean Grey Gallery and Lounge. The DJ Lounge runs every evening of the festival with DJs starting at 6 pm. You can have a drink and check out the cool art at the same time. Or just hang out at Grey and feel sorry for all the late-arriving will-callers who are standing in line. Don't point and laugh. It isn't polite. (Grey Gallery and Lounge)


Dirty Dancing Showcase ($$)
Deadmau5 is the hot shit right now. If you want to get in on who’s on the rise, this is the show to see on Friday. (Neumos)

Native State Label Showcase ($)
This lineup offers delicious ear candy. A bit more chill, a bit more experiemental: offers cross-over appeal to listeners of experimental jazz, but with more bassline and downtempo heart. Expect your feet to start moving on their own. (Baltic Room)


dB in the Park at Volunteer Park (FREE)
Lineup starts at 1:00. Recommend catching Jacob London (3:00), Truckasauras (4:00), and Glitch Mob (5:00 – 6:30). Together, these three groups offer a solid cross- section: good for folks who want to sample the sub-genres without a financial commitment. Pick up snacks from Mad Market, Trader Joe’s, or QFC on your way to the park. Be aware adult beverages should be in disguise. (Volunteer Park)

Detroit Techno: Past, Present, and Future ($$)
Saturday’s showcase transports a little bit of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival to the left coast. Consider it small wading pool of exceptional quality, after which you may want to join the serious swimmers of techno at the annual DEMF in Motor City. Lineup includes Carl Craig, Audion, and Orlando Voom. (Neumos)


Decibel Festival Finale ($$)
Wrapping the weekend up are The Bug featuring Warrior Queen, followed by DJ team Supermayer. Each of the four acts on the bill bring their unique sound and style. So if you don’t like one, don’t leave– you may like the next. It will not be four hours of sound-alike music, thus a good sampler for newbies. (Neumos)