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"…But I gotta do it anyways, tell ya how I feel."

Are you a masochistic concert goer? Are you at your happiest coming home from a show with ringing ears, soaked in the beers of at least 6 other people, trampled toes and a beatific grin?

If you are, go see the Dirtbombs. These boys (and girl) are from Detroit Rock City, baby. They will make your liver quiver. They will mess your dress. Listening to them is like riding a unicorn with Iggy Pop and Marvin Gaye through a field of awesome.

They are playing with Little Claw and Thee Emergency at Chop Suey this Friday (11/14).

Go well rested and fresh as a daisy. Dance. Drink. Sweat. Leave hoarse, soaked, exhausted, and thrilled.