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1992 feels like a long time ago. I suppose it is 15 years ago now, but back in the day, Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine (Carter USM for short) was selling out shows left and right in the UK. They were huge. Why they never made it in the US with a name like that, especially considering that it was spawned from former president Jimmy Carter, their lack of fame always baffled me.

Then again, when I listen to "Do Re Me So Far So Good," only an OK song from 1992: the Love Album I realize maybe it was because, heck, Carter USM weren't that good a lot of the time. I mean, although I really do quite like "The Only Living Boy in New Cross", but "Do Re Me…" is just kind of flat. Yes, synths. Yes, guitars. Yes, sort of witty lyrics. Satisfying, not really. I think it falls into the category of songs on my iPod of "Maybe they're still good, we'll see". I do remember liking the song when I was younger, when I could be the only kid at Oakmont Regional High School that was listening to Carter USM (yes, I was that cool, if by cool you mean totally uncool). These days, I just think that Carter USM was a poor man's Pop Will Eat Itself or a less polished Jesus Jones. And that, in itself, is an odd statement and a testament to the, well, lack of permanence of the late 80's/early 90's British dance music scene. (Then again, the Happy Mondays are making a comeback, so what do I know?)


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