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Hey, there's peanut butter in my awesome! There's awesome in my peanut butter! Do you like cheap tickets? Do you like X? Here are 2 great tastes that taste great together!

If you act quickly TODAY ONLY, you can get TWO for ONE tickets to see LA punk legends X play at the Market Showbox on Friday, April 10th (with Steve Soto & The Twisted Hearts and The Heels), for the 21 and over set, or the all ages show on Saturday, April 11 (with Visqueen and Steve Soto & The Twisted Hearts).

To take advantage of this fabulous deal, go to, and enter the word "wildgift".

If you are feeling democratic, go to and vote for your favorite X song to be included on the setlist for the night you are planning. Perhaps this will help prevent what I like to refer to as the "Freebird Effect," where some drunken clown shouts the same request over and over, usually right in your ear.