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Photo from Man Plus' Flickr Page

This is just my luck. It hasn't even been two weeks since I bought Man Plus' excellent LP The Hungarian Suicide Songbook (at their last show, with Black Kids and The Virgins) and they go and make the whole damn thing available for free through their website.

Imaginary writer Jer loved it, saying:

The Hungarian Suicide Songbook is one of those albums you simply can’t help but sing along with — a feat I found myself participating in mere moments into my very first listen. The enchanting lyrical repetitions backed with imaginative synthesizer creations make for an impressive collection of music.

Man Plus is also playing one more show coming up, on Halloween with Neon Nights, The Valkries and Razrez. They say it's their only show before Spring of '09.

Here's a video for their song "Kids Gone Bad" that is pretty funny:

(photo by Pam Sattler)