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It is a glorious day in Betsyland. In just a moment, I will click a button that will reveal my new TIG identity! Which is in fact my actual identity.

When I started contributing to TIG, I was working in the print media for a music magazine and therefore wanted to keep myself somewhat anonymous to avoid any sort of conflict of interest. But my professional relationship with that magazine has ended and now I can finally come out of my Imaginary closet! It's such a freeing feeling!

From here on out, the name Betsy Boston will be but a memory. But fear not, young imaginaries; that squishy feeling you get from the Writer Formerly Known As Betsy will remain, and perhaps get even squishier as I tear away the mask and break through the boundaries!

So, allow me to introduce the all new (and real!) me:

Imaginary Ash!

Watch as all my posts magically get changed to reflect my new name. POOF!

I have a feeling this is the start of something good…