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Last night, while glancing through my MySpace, I noticed that the title of The Ego and The Oracle's page had changed to The Ego Stole The Oracle. Curious, I clicked on the page and learned (from the About Me section) that Andras Jones, whose Radio8Ball program is the basis for the whole entire show, has recently been *fired* from the currently running Boston production. This made me sad. First, I can't understand how the production can go on without him, as it is his concept that IS the show; second, it means I don't get to go see him helm the production again, as I'd hoped to. Now, surely there are two sides to every story, but the Ego's side is unclear to me. I checked the official Ego and The Oracle website and sure enough, they have removed all mention of Jones, save for this sentence tucked at the end of the "What is it?" section:

Inspired by Radio 8 Ball by Andras Jones.

How can it be ok to collaborate on a project with someone based on that person's idea, fire that person, then continue using their idea as if it is your own? That's where I'm stuck.