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Okay, I know I wrote about loving Pablo Trucker, and I tend to gush about every band being my new favorite band, but the Wrens really are my favorite everything (all the time). Permanently. Along with the Frames, they're at the top of every list I make, every heavy rotation, every top ten, every everything. I could take time and space here to remit stories of epic length and girth about my interactions with them, but I'll spare you.

In short, they're really nice guys, and they fucking rule. And so does this news from Stereogum:

In January, The Lifted Brow, a biannual "50% fiction and 50% everything else" Melbourne-based magazine, is putting out an issue that includes two CDs with exclusive music from Spiral Stairs, the Magnetic Fields' Claudia Gonson, Frightened Rabbit, and Dan Deacon, among others. One of those others is the Wrens, whose "In Turkish Waters" debuts in this week's Drop.

Bring it. Or, moreso: go here and get it. Right fucking now. It's all DIY and deliciousness and new Wrens. NEW WRENS!!!