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Currently, I do not think I have a fever. I do know that I have a lot of aches and pains, but I think they mostly have to do with my insistence on playing soccer with youthful and athletic types. I suppose Peggy Lee’s “Fever” really has nothing to do with a medical condition as such, she’s not advocating some sort of pain reliever with fever reducing capabilities, although I’m sure that the song has been used by a medicine brand to advertise said medicines. I think the thing that is most striking about Peggy Lee’s “Fever” is just the absolute minimalist approach that was taken with the song. Look at the arrangement: drum, bass, fingersnaps, vocals. That’s it. In a sense, it is like old-time krunk, merely relying on the rhythm section to drive the melody of the song – well, that along with the vocals. Of course, that being said, Peggy Lee is nothing like Ludacris or Clipse … at least to my knowledge, although if someone could connect Peggy Lee and Clipse in a simple fashion, I would love to hear it. Sometimes simplicity is the best approach to a problem, and here Peggy shows us why.