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Avant-indie rockers Animal Collective seem to elicit either a “YAY” or “nay” response from people. You either love ’em or hate ’em. I happen to fall in the head-over-heels category, and was super interested to hear of their collaboration with filmmaker Danny Perez on a feature film entitled ODDSAC.

Perez is no stranger to weirdo musicians, having worked with the likes of Black Dice and Panda Bear. The film stars the members of Animal Collective, and features an original score by the band and visual projects and art from Perez. ODDSAC is a supposed visual album, with all the songs original and exclusive to this film release. It walks the line between music, digital art and really explores the relationship between sound and visual images during the course of an album.

Screenings are scheduled for several US cities, including Seattle, and will feature members of the band and Danny Perez available for questions. The film will be officially released on June 29th, but don’t wait until then to get a peek at this groundbreaking project! It’s sure to be strange, intensely beautiful and certainly not for everyone.

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March 17th   Chicago IL, USA  —  Music Box Theatre  $15  7pm, 9pm

March 20th   Minneapolis MN, USA — The Cedar  $15  7pm, 9pm

March 22nd   Los Angeles CA, USA — ArcLight Cinerama Dome  $15  7pm. 9pm

March 25th   San Fransisco CA, USA — Sundance Kabuki Cinemas  $15  6:30pm, 8:30pm

March 29th   Portland OR, USA — Cinema 21  $15  7pm, 9pm

March 30th   Seattle WA, USA — The Egyptian Theatre  $15  7pm, 9pm