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Hello again! Are you ready to get your ctrl-click fix? Big thanks to ChrisB for helping out this week!


* A few days ago I reported that Martha Wainwright is due to release a new album next month. Here's "Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole" from her previous release.


* Found loads of worthy MP3s at Gimme Tinnitus today, including No Age's "Cappo" and Kristin Hersh's "Krait." Also clicked the link at the top right-hand side of the blog to get MP3 "tweets" (ie: Twitter updates) from Gimme Tinnitus! My heart's a-twitter. (Sorry.)


* Royal Bangs' "Broke Calculator" is fresh and features neato noises that sound like they're made with a Speak and Spell or some other Texas Instrument of the 1980s (um, maybe like a calculator?).


* Spin calls Calico Horse (formerly The Clock Work Army) an "overcaffeinated, cheerleaderish spectacle." If that sounds like fun to you (and how could it not?!), take a listen to "Father Feed Me."


* And here's Calico Horse singer Emily Neveu covering Radiohead's "Idioteque."


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