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The new Radiohead came out today. if you pre-ordered the download or discbox from or, then you should get an email with a link to download the zip file.

If you haven't, well, you can try to go to one of those sites (they've been frozen most of the morning from too much traffic) and "pay what you wish" for the download. Although I recommend pre-ordering the discbox, which will come to your home in December with the new record on CD and 12-inch vinyl, as well as eight more songs, also on CD and vinyl.

Supposedly a traditional CD release is coming along, but, well, just get it now.

Essentially what they've done is taken publicity out of it. Rather than send out reviewer copies and have it leak all over, they're controlling the leak, and asking for a donation to access it.

I'm on track 6 and my head's about to explode. It's their best record yet.