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Photo by Dan Tyler

Here we are with Round Three of our interviews with all the main players (or at least their spokesmen) for this Saturday night’s GRUDGE ROCK, which commences this at 10 PM, January 16 2010, at The Crocodile! For a little more background, check out Parts One and Two of this series. We’ve chatted with MC Jake Stratton and D. Crane of BOAT. Below is a Q&A with Dave Einmo of Head Like A Kite.

What grudges will you be rocking at this event? In other words, WHAT ARE YOU BRINGING TO IT?!

We’ll be bringing a fog machine, a box full of Styrofoam heads for audience members to chuck around like beach balls, a Panda, balloons and confetti, and a boat load of high-energy beat-fueled songs to blast off into the evening. Hopefully, we’ll also have some correct answers for the Grudge Rock match, too.

Why do you think you can stomp BOAT’s ass?

Muhammad Ali used to always talk trash about his opponents. It gave him an edge and a confidence that was both charismatic and frightening. Last month, I was talking trash and getting all “ fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee.” I was saying, “BOAT cannot match the mental prowess of Head Like a Kite. We’ve got a Panda Bear that recites The Merry Wives of Windsor and Trent can spin seat cushions with one finger. Prepare yourselves for the consolation prize and fill our fog machine with your tears.” But then today in my microbiology class I spilled a test tube full of E.coli inside the incubator and contaminated all my classmates’ projects. What kind of fool does that? All this thinking is messing with my game.

What kind of training have you been doing for this?

I’ve been studying for three weeks and checking my answers with a Magic 8 Ball. “Outlook not so good.” But I’m still confident we’ll prevail as the titans of Grudge Rock. We’re like Godzilla. We can’t be stopped. Godzilla with E.coli!

That’s gross! What do you think of GRUDGE ROCK?

Grudge Rock is great. I love the idea of combining diverse elements to create something more interesting than just another rock show. Jake Stratton (BloodHag vocalist and The Rat City RollerGirls announcer) has done a great job with that. He’s merged a Family Feud style game-show format with rock bands, and it created this crazy night of mayhem full of unexpected surprises because the bands, the audience, and the host are all interacting. It’s going to be really fun. We’ll be working that buzzer hard. Hitting it like an MPC.

What’s up with HLAK otherwise? New album any time soon? Current downloads?

We have a new full-length Head Like a Kite album coming out this Spring, which I’m really excited about. Tons of guests: Boom Bip, Her Space Holiday, a few of the Long Winters, Adam Franklin of Swervedriver, Asy of Smoosh, Graig Markel of Animals at Night, and several more guests on the new album. I think it is Head Like a Kite’s biggest party record yet.

We’re also working on a bunch of videos, too. The first one just came out for a new song called “Director’s Cut,” which features Tilson of the Saturday Knights, and was directed by photography stud Chase Jarvis. We’re really happy with how it. Check it out:


 We recorded “Director’s Cut” for the GIVE Seattle compilation, which also features tracks by Ben Gibbard, Fleet Foxes, Long Winters, Mad Rad, Cave Singers, Fresh Espresso, Visqueen, and lots of other great Seattle bands. All the the proceeds go directly to Arts Corps and Seattle neighborhood Food Banks. People can get the compilation at

I’m excited about the future!

{Photo by Dan Tyler.}