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As a lover of all things related to the 826 literacy program (from teaching kids how to write literature and make comic books and beyond) I would love to see my fellow TIG music fans at the Guilty Pleasures cover night at The Tractor this Thursday, August 7th.

Following last year's Elvis Costello covers night at the Sunset, this is an annual benefit night for the Tractor (moving to roomier digs!) where local bands play gems that inspire both love and shame. (There are no guilty pleasures! you might claim, and goddess love you, but they got to call it something, right?)


It's 15 bands and solo artists thick:

Sean Nelson
Massy Ferguson
The MoonSpinners
Sean Bates
Lesli Wood of Ms. Led
The X-Ray Eyes
The Black Swedes
3 Legged Dog
Holly Grigsby
Mike Danner
Life in a Blender
C'est La Morte
The Harborrats

The music starts at 9 PM, all those great musicians playing songs you'll groan yet sway to, and it's only $10 at the door, with all the proceeds going to one of the worthiest causes in town.