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Over the weekend I finally caught up with a few years ago and sat myself down to watch 24 Hour Party People and I have to admit, I quite liked it. It was sort of a less-serious, less-glam rock Velvet Goldmine and I learned all sorts of probably not-so-true facts about the Happy Mondays. I still find it vaguely amazing that Shaun Ryder has been able to keep it together enough to record a new Happy Mondays album, now called Unkle Dysfunktional. Not sure when it will be available stateside, but NME reports it will be release in the UK "later this summer."

Needless to say, the Mondays will tour on in support of their newly-rediscovered ability to record music. Now, if only someone could explain to me why so many people think Shaun Ryder was/is such a profoundly good lyricist? (Just pop in a copy of "Bob's Yer Uncle" and you'll see my confusion).