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Along with Sub Pop’s upcoming fete in honor of their 20th year is a birthday celebration of one of the bands on their roster, Mudhoney. Hard to believe but the band’s also turning 20 this year (imagine how many beers have been chugged while listening to the seminal grungers).

To ring in the third decade, the band’s releasing two albums on May 20, and label Sub Pop is giving us a sneak peak with a download off each.

"I'm Now" from new album The Lucky Ones is a blistering force to be reckoned with. If I hadn’t seen the copyright date for myself, I would’ve thought this rollicking number was a lost item off one of the band’s first releases.

Sub Pop is also re-issuing Superfuzz Bigmuff as a big fat double-album “Deluxe Edition,” full of a slew of live tracks in addition to the original recordings. Wake up your ear drums with "In 'n Out of Grace" (billed as “live” track but it sounds just like the album version to me – maybe we just have the link to the recorded version. Either way, it rules).