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They're playing the Dim Mak Party at Cinescope in Los Angeles tonight, but Seattle's own souful electronica-rock pop art etc. band Head Like A Kite will be back in town this Saturday night, November 22. It's a sweet line-up for this KEXP Presents homecoming show at Neumo's with Slender Means and Truckasaurus playing first.

On their way back for that gig, HLAK will be playing with Brothers & Sisters in San Francisco. That would be a fascinating line-up to check out (too bad I'm too scared to fly). But we are blessed with the Neumo's matching up of the hardest working men in the underground (Dave Einmo and Trent Moorman) with the melodic glitch-punk of Truckasaurus. That's an audio chocolate-flavored peanut butter mixed with a peanut-butter flavored chocolate I can't wait to savor.

And can't wait to see those HLAK episodes of "On The Brink" that were filmed while they were on tour. Dave and Trent are incredibly smart and funny guys so this oughtta be very entertaining.