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I love happy accidents. No, not the movie, silly…the phenomenon known as happy accidents. Driven by an intriguing band name alone, I rushed over to Second Avenue Pizza directly after work to review Take One for the Team. Upon arrival, I discovered TOFTT weren't performing. Layman's Terms were filling the spot instead. Oh! One cool band name swap for another. And I'd never heard of either. My lucky night. Must get beer.

After purchasing my beer, I encountered many strange stares from the largely teenage crowd. I'm not sure if they were "Hey, that lady is way too old to be here" or "That chick's old enough to drink,…cool!" stares. {I prefer to assume the latter}

Let's start with a little background on the band, shall we? Layman's Terms formed in 1994. {That doesn't seem right, since none of the members look a day over 18} They're comprised of Kyle Stevens {vocals/guitar}, Nick Holman {guitar/vocals}, Matt Gervais {drums}, and Dylan Atari {bass/vocals}.

I was expecting Layman's Terms to be a gritty, loud, garage band, but found them to be more polished than that. Definitely poppy. Definitely rock. Pop Rock? {No, those are those candies you used to scare your mom with.} Rock Pop? Yeah, that's it.

They have headbangable, chunky guitar backbones but melodic lead vocals with occasional harmonies. Oh boy that boy can sing! They even covered "I Ran" by Flock of Seagulls which was probably originally recorded before they were born.

I stood next to a beaming salt-and-pepper man with a camera bag and hands that were perpetually clapping. He was watching the band as if they were his only daughter walking down the aisle to get married. If was the most precious thing I had ever seen {well, at least that day}.

They sound a lot like Incubus {sans the turntables}. Main-stream-rock-pop-goodness. And, from assessing their fan base, the girls in braces love them. I know of one particular girl who thinks they're dreamy too, but she's afraid to admit it {at least until they turn 18} because she fears getting arrested.

If you like Giorgio, you'll love Primo! If you like Incubus, you'll love Layman's Terms.