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This week's Billboard chart doesn't offer much hope for those of us not infected by the High School Musical virus. I'm hoping that HSM doesn't end up like Grease or Bat Out of Hell where middle aged women of the future will perform routines from it at wedding receptions, however, I imagine this is inevitable.

That being said, HSM 2 continues its reign as #1 (although we can hope that Kanye, Kenny Chesney or 50 Cent can knock it down next week, which I suppose is sort of like having a flat tire and hoping it will be fixed by a boulder rolling down and crushing your car).

I'm stunned at the popularity of "post-hardcore" (whatever that is) these days. Atreyu posted well last week, and now Equal Vision's Chiodos debut at #5 with Bone Palace Ballet. I'm guessing that touchy-feely emo has now been replaced by this "post-hardcore" stuff. Oh kids!

Some other fun observations:

  • Amy Winehouse has creeped back into the top 10, pretty good from someone who has approached Britney-esque levels in the Trainwreck Spectrum.
  • A TIG favorite, Finger Eleven, has made it all the way to #61!
  • One of my favorite alt-latino acts, Manu Chao, debuted at #71 with Radiolina
  • And as opposed to the UK where he got a big boost, the late Luciano Pavarotti only sees a bounce of his Farewell Tour CD to #76.