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Nordic princess Kjersti (pronounced Shir-stee) Egerdahl used to be the editor of West Coast Performer. Then she left San Francisco to move back home to Seattle. Now she plays accordion and clarinet in Goldaline, a band I can only imagine about because they don't even have any songs on their MySpace yet. However, they are playing this Saturday night at the 4526 Speakeasy. Says the formidable Ms. Egerdahl:

My band Goldaline is playing a house party in Wallingford this Saturday – kick up your heels at the 4526 Speakeasy! Come dressed to impress: we must conceal the establishment with a high-class facade. If you wear a hat I promise I'll personally teach you the Charleston.

Saturday, May 12th at 4526 Eastern Ave N in Wallingford

We go on around 10; DJ Loki will have you shimmying before and after. There'll be a suggested donation for drinks.

Ye imaginary folk, please consider this show as you plan your weekend, and if you make it, give Kjersti a big smackeroo (as in kiss, not bitch-slap) from Betsy.