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I just found out about this show the other day and am very intrigued.

Andy Rourke, the bassist for the Smiths, is performing a DJ set at the Sunset tomorrow night. Rourke was with the Smiths throughout their existence and also briefly with Morrissey on some of his solo stuff. Wikipedia says:

When (Johnny) Marr and Morrissey formed the Smiths, Rourke joined the band after their second gig, and remained with the band almost throughout its existence. Marr claims that Rourke's contribution to The Queen Is Dead LP was "something no other bass player could match". Rourke was briefly sacked from the Smiths over drugs abuse, resulting in a weekend prison sentence, which was posted on TV news. The brief dismissal of Rourke came in the form of a note left by Morrissey under the windscreen wiper of his car; "Andy, you have left The Smiths. Good luck and goodbye, Morrissey".

However, in May 1986 Rourke rejoined the Smiths, just before the release of The Queen Is Dead album. Immediately after the break-up of the band, Rourke and Smiths drummer Mike Joyce played with Sinéad O'Connor – Rourke (but not Joyce) appears on the album I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got. They also, along with Craig Gannon, provided the rhythm section for two singles by former Smiths singer Morrissey – "Interesting Drug" and "The Last of the Famous International Playboys" – and Rourke composed the music for Morrissey's songs "Yes, I Am Blind," "Girl Least Likely To," and "Get Off the Stage." Rourke also played bass on "November Spawned a Monster" and "Piccadilly Palare".

Rourke will be spinning records (I'm very curious as to what he's going to play) after three local acts I also enjoy take the stage: Erik Blood of The Turn Ons, Altspeak, and Hotels. Doors open at 9, $10, 21+.