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Movie Poster from Wikipedia.orgStarting tonight and running through Thursday, the Northwest Film Forum is showing Annie Hall, Woody Allen's 1977 Oscar-winning film (and my absolute favorite movie). This is the 30th anniversary and promises a restored 35mm print of the film that beat Star Wars for Best Picture (one of the few instances of cosmic justice in this world).

Each scene is hilarious (although the movie is a bittersweet romantic comedy) and contains numerous memorable lines."I used to be a heroin addict, now I'm a methadone addict," "30ish academic seeking a woman who's into Mozart, James Joyce, and sodomy," "I can't get with any religion that advertises in Popular Mechanics," amongst countless others.

Annie Hall is a remarkable and special movie that gets better after each viewing (and I am especially excited to finally see it on a big screen). I think the only things that could make this a better film-going experience is bringing a date from a personal ad in the New York Review of Books and keeping a respected academic around the corner just in case you are standing in line in front of a know-it-all asshat.

I wonder if I can get my mail forwarded to the NWFF this week.