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I enjoy jazz for the same reason I like Stephen Hawking lectures, or read books about quantum theory: it challenges everything I know about music, and forces me to bend my mind in ways that I really shouldn't.

Check out this clip of the Dave Brubeck quartet filmed in 2004. Bobby Militell's sax playing makes my heart race and puts a big grin on my face, despite the fact that I can barely tap my toe in time with the song.

Brubeck's best know tune "Take Five" (a bit of slang for the 5/4 signature it's written in) was actually written by another well-known sax player and long-time Brubeck quartet member, Paul Desmond. In his will, Desmond, who died in '77 requested that all royalties for "Take Five" be donated to the Red Cross.
And now…. back to our regularly schedueled POP ROCK (preferably in 4/4).