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There are roughly a million reasons why I'm excited to see Squeeze play next week at the Showbox at the Market but here is one more really good reason.

This very lovely woman will be opening:

There were over 715,000 people that found out about her on YouTube before I but I am smitten with Theresa Andersson.

She has a gorgeous, lush voice and in the above video (to her song "Na Na Na") she plays all the instruments herself and loops them back in a manner that, as Pitchfork noted last week, makes it look "as easy as playing Rock Band. And possibly more fun."

Andersson is a Swedish born singer-songwriter who now calls New Orleans home. She just released her latest album, Hummingbird, Go!, last week on Basin Street Records. As I mentioned above, she'll also be opening for Squeeze at the Showbox at the Market next Tuesday, September 16.