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…I highly endorse checking out at least one of the two performances from Glenn or Glennda?, described aptly on its MySpace page as, "Seattle's funniest, weirdest, sexiest, mostest bestest Misfits tribute band".

The shows are Saturday, Oct. 27 at the Fun House and Wed. Oct. 31 at the Re-Bar.

The full details are (pulled from its MySpace blog post):

Reveling in the glory of The Misfits' genius-savant pop hooks while simultaneously taking the piss out of their ridiculously rabid machismo, Glenn Or Glennda? is a rollicking combination of faithfully recreated and slyly re-imagined Misfits classics, non-Misfits songs performed as though they were, gender-bending shenanigans, tongue-in-cheek theatrics and free-for-all audience participation.

Over the years, Glenn Or Glennda?'s all star lineup has included members of bands like The Rain City Shwillers, The Flux Capacitors, Caught Red Handed, The Amazombies, Hollowpoints, Mea Culpa, The Stuck Ups, The Authorities, The Earaches, The Dead Vampires and The Lawnmowers, and this year's performance will feature the lovely Ms. Melissa Alexis Indira Cerise (Bat Country) as Glenn Danzig himself and Mr. William Wesley Fauntleroy Corazon (Bat Country / Shorthand For Epic / Mea Culpa) as short stuff's better (?) half, Glennda Danzig.

And it all only happens ONCE A YEAR!
Or, in this case, twice a year!

That's right, in a break with time-honored tradition we'll be having not one but TWO Glenn Or Glennda? performances this year with insanely killer line-ups, which can now be revealed! BEHOLD!!!

What you really need to know about the shows is:

Saturday, October 27 at the Fun House with the Whore Moans, Ms. Led and Steel Tigers of Death (9:30 PM, $6) and Wednesday, October 31 at the Re-Bar with the Bad Dates (9:30 PM, $5).

I will almost certainly be at the Hallow's Eve show at the Re-Bar. Maybe even in costume. I can hardly wait!