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…then holy mother of God I've got a tour for you. Beginning this past Saturday continuing on through Sept. 6th (coincidentally booked at the Gorge), the Rock the Bells tour will be making your hip-hop dreams come true.

So who's on the Gorge bill you ask?

A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, MF Doom, Spank Rock, Sage Francis, The Pharcyde, Jedi Mind Tricks, Afrika Bambaataa, De La Soul, Blue Scholars… the list goes on.

Unfortunately artists like Redman, Method Man, Raekwon, Ghostface, Immortal Technique, and Dead Prez, who are playing other dates, aren't showing up on the ampitheater's bill as of yet.

My suggestion to Washington residents? Spend the money for gas and hit up a date in California.

Tickets appear to be (assuming they will stay the same price as the Miami show) $55 for general admission, and $175 for VIP status if you want special access to parties, drinks, posters, t-shirts, backpacks, special seating and last but not least, a meet and greet with A Tribe Called Quest!

For more information, visit the tour's site, here.