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I love hearing about the different things rockstars put on their rider, so when I read this, I had to pass it along:

Prince demanded a popcorn machine be put on his rider at a concert in Switzerland earlier this week, it has been claimed.

The diminutive pop legend appeared at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Geneva on Monday, playing the show just days after it was announced.

Among the backstage demands for his appearance, which took place at the 41st annual music event, was the popcorn machine.

Festival organizer Claude Nobs is believed to have provided one for Prince, which he apparently found in his antiques collection.

The star, who is preparing for a London residency at the 02 Arena in London throughout August and September, gave a two-hour greatest hits performance at the gig.

If you were a rockstar, what ridiculous things would you demand? I would demand Vernors soda and Bell's Oberon.