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Aw, how romantic. Send some heartwarming messages to your valentine via The Mountain Goats + Movies Tumblr

Portlandia (yay!) nails how imaginary moms would approach the problem of insufficient indie-rock in preschools

Drunk(ish) comic book history: aka John Landis's son, Max, schools us on The Death and Rebirth of Superman (with the help of his celebrity friends)

Say it Ain't Soa Weezer…cruise??!!?!? What the. Who came up with this idea? 

Banksy + Tom Hanks: There's a new grafitti star in town: Hanksy

A lesson in freaking people out: Construct remote-controlled planes that look like flying people and fly them over NYC. 

PhyloPic: More animal clip art than you can shake a giraffe at.

Bonus: Tweet of the week! (omfgpugs)

Anything we missed that belongs on this imaginary list?