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You know that point when your iTunes gets so filled up with awesome stuff that you can't possibly listen to everything that's in there with any kind of regularity? Where, like, you put it on shuffle and then you hear a song and you're all, "OHHHH right, I love this song! But I forgot about it!" Right.

Well, that's been happening to me lately and there's so much good stuff I want to share, I thought I'd just go ahead and create a mixtape for y'all. Enjoy!

"Nothing Really Happened" – Math and Physics Club
"So Caroline" – The Posies
"Lonelily" – Damien Rice
"The Kids We Used to Be" – Phineas and The Lonely Leaves
"Do It Better" – Imperial Teen
"If It Was (A Matter of Mind)" – The Rave-Ups
"Hold On" – Yellow Ostrich
"The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine" – Spoon
"Run" – Ben Kweller
"Closet Cutter" – Mike Viola
"Sigh" – Verlee for Ransom
"Connection" – The Brunettes

Play this mixtape on Spotify.
{I once again tried to include an iTunes link, but sadly only 9 of the 13 songs are available on there. auuuuggghhh} 

So… what songs have popped up on your shuffle lately that you're suddenly loving again?