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I picked a copy of The Sexy Accident's new album from the TIG stacks because its title is Ninja Ninja Fight Darth Vader, which is cool for many reasons, and apparently the name of a song by band member and songwriter Jesse Kate's 5-year-old son. This Kansas City band turns out tunes that range from happier pop to slower, folky ballads, and all about "youth and aging, also love, sex and wine" — according to the promo card I got with the CD. I really like the vocals! 

The video above is an older one, and while "Savage Love" isn't on this album, I felt like I had to share, because it's too cute not too. You can download all their tunes, old and new, for free on their site. And if you want to throw a few dollars their way, they'll donate it to charity instead. 

Ninja Ninja Darth Vader won't be "for sale" until April 21, but in the meantime, take a listen to "Love Doesn't Get Old" below. I think it's worthy of a donation, for sure.