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iPod Roulette

A lot of the time, I tend to wonder what people might think if they saw what pops up on my iPod. Well, now I can let all of the loyal TIG readers know just that! iPod Roulette will be a daily (well,  M-F) feature where I'll divulge the first track to come up on shuffle on my trusty iPod. In each post, I'll give some thoughts on the songs, the band or, really, whatever happens to cross my mind while its playing.

Right now, my iPod averages about 11,400 songs, so each song has a roughly 0.009% chance of coming up. To put it another way, theoretically, I could do this exercise every day for 31.23 years and not get a repeat song. Of course, chance doesn't work that way (or whatever you want to call Apple's shuffle algorithm), so we have a few rules for the game:

  1. Spoken word and most classical don't count.
  2. Songs that are less than 2 minutes and not full songs (e.g., intro songs, skits, etc.) don't count.
  3. No repeats of artists within a week. If so, the next song is chosen.

And that's it. Everything else is fair game – from Jens Lekman to the best of Leonard Nimoy. All the innards of my iPod exposed for the world to see. We'll see how long my credibility lasts, eh?

Now that we've got the rules down, read iPod Roulette!