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In my days I've had too many really long Wednesdays (and probably not enough caffeine) to be truly excited about shows on Tuesday nights – I'll still go to them but not without as much enthusiasm knowing what usually awaits me the following morning when I drag my tired ass in to work. Yet at the risk of sounding like a publicist, right now I cannot be more excited for the chance to see the Ting Tings tomorrow night. Twice.

When I saw my favorite English buzz band at the Vera Project earlier in the year, there were maybe 40 people at the Sunday night show (what even makes it more remarkable was that I missed my other favorite 2008 breakout band, Be Your Own Pet, open for the Raveonettes that same night). Since then, (as I noted on the KEXP blog this week) the band's single "That's Not My Name" was a number one single in the UK then their debut album We Started Nothing occupied the same spot on the album charts the next week and another single "Shut Up and Let Me Go" was featured in a iPod commercial.

The show at Chop Suey tomorrow night is sold out but the fine people at Easy Street Records persuaded the band to stop by their Queen Anne store beforehand (6pm) for an in-store appearance as well.

Here's some footage of The Ting Tings making their television debut on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last Friday night: