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Riding a fantastical dreamboat powered by the lovesick sighs of hundreds of indiepop lovin ladies, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks come to Neumo's tomorrow night. Touring on Matador's March '08 release Real Emotional Trash, this show promises to be a night of psychadelic prog-rock guitar solos and fanciful lyrics. This is the first tour with ex-Sleater Kinney drummer Janet Weiss, who replaces John Moen (now a member of the Decemberists).

…Did I lose you at the words "prog rock?" It's only because you probably conjured an image of Geddy Lee in your head. Now make him really handsome, his voice less like a drillbit in your ear, and you're halfway home! (Okay, now I kinda wanna hear Malkmus cover "Tom Sawyer" just the teeniest bit).

Local favorite Telekinesis! will be opening for the Jicks, bringing their minimalism and charm in tow. They have several tracks available for your preview and enjoyment on their MySpace page. Their cover of the Kink's "Father Christmas" is phenomenal!

Is anyone else ready to belt "Jenny and the Ess-Dog" at the top of their lungs yet?

The show is at Neumo's. Tickets are $17.00 through TicketsWest. 21 and over. Doors at 8:00. Be there or be kidnapped by Turkish pirates.