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On Friday night the Showbox hosted one of the many series of benefit shows for local Seattle legend John Spalding who passed away from cancer last November. All proceeds from the show including merch benefit the John D. Spalding Medical Fund. This was an all-ages show featuring Minus the Bear, Rocky Votolato, Cave Singers, Past Lives (members of Blood Brothers) and Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive To Death.

All the bands turned in great performances and spoke their appreciation for John in front of a supportive all ages crowd.

As local writer Chris Estey writes, “John Spalding… a truly astonishing underground Seattle musician and incredibly incandescent creative spirit… Former guitar player for late 90's punk band Ninety Pound Wuss and performance art/hard rock picadors Raft Of Dead Monkeys, John passed away from the cancer he was diagnosed with four years ago, shortly after marrying a lovely young woman named Jody… John was only thirty-three years old and leaves behind his wife, a deeply loving and proud mother, father, brother and sister, and loyal pooch Scooter. But he also leaves behind a legacy, both relational and musical, in the deep heart of Seattle.”