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Well, I'm a little behind schedule with my Billboard Album Chart update thanks to spending the last 3 days looking at auriferous gravels in the Sierran foothills. So, here it is:

As all pronogsticators said, Kanye West's Graduation beat the crap out of 50 Cent's Curtis (probably the only venue where Kanye West could beat on 50 Cent). No official word yet on whether 50 Cent will follow up on his promise to quit music if he lost, but did he ever lose. Kanye sold somewhere around 957,000 copies while 50 cruised in with 691,000. (Oh yes, and to top it off, Kanye's "Stronger" was the #1 single in the land as well).

Kenny Chesney did his best to rock the boat, but his new album could only watch, debuting at #3.

Back in the world of music more of us might find ourselves listening to, Feist's The Reminder is having a renaissance, making the biggest jump of any non-debut album this week, hopping from #95 to #44. Not sure what is giving Feist the boost, but whatever it is, she should keep taking it.

Animal Collective debuted all the way up at #72 with Strawberry Jam. This kind of confuses me because I've tended to be of the opinion that Animal Collective suck, eh, er, are not my cup of tea, but hipsters everywhere united in their love of whatever AC is.

The previous discussed Hot Hot Heat debuted at #86, a few spots ahead of Ani Difranco's new one, Canon, at #89.