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NYC Popfest 2009 was a whirlwind of crazy awesome pop shows, and I was lucky enough to be there! I am way too exhausted to process all my photos and properly express how amazing the bands were, and how fun it was, and now I just need to get my ass on a plane and get home. But, I managed to find a few videos of some of my highlights of the fest, courtesy of SoundbitesNYC!

One of the greatest bands I saw was a band from LA called The Tartans (who are also playing SF Popfest next weekend!), who played Friday night of the fest. This song, "Cats of Cameford" has pretty much been stuck in my head for months, and it was really fun to actually get to see them play it live!

Finland's Cats on Fire also played Friday night, and the only thing I could think after their set was "Why is this band not my favorite band, and why the hell are they not famous?". Also, I have a total crush on the lead singer's dance moves. Here's their song "Tears In Your Cup", which was probably my favorite of their set. I believe at that point, I twittered "Scandanavians do Morissey better than Morissey".

Popfest closed out last night with a stunning set from Suburban Kids With Biblical Names (also playing SF Popfest!). To be honest, they were a band I knew very little about, and had heard very little of their music, but walked away from their set out of breath from dancing so hard with my new favorite band. It was a perfect way to end such an amazing weekend. Here's their song "Rent A Wreck".

More coming soon, but were any of you there? What were your highlights?